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Why Choose me?

Daniel Yates

I have been practising massage since 2003.

While working in Telecommunications (Sales, then Project Management,) I also worked part-time as a [qualified] fitness instructor.

Throughout my life, my interest in health and anatomy & physiology from a holistic perspective lead me to study physiotherapy, then massage.

I've been self employed since 2011 in Sydney, Australia working at home and treating at a clinic in the City (formerly, Sydney Bodywork.)  

I am a registered Professional Member of Massage Australia.

More and more I find people are receptive to understanding what is causing their problem(s), and learning useful, practical ways to help themselves.  

I provide a mobile service - I come to you for your treatment.

Call or Text:  0204 163 9662





What people are saying...

Kerry - Sydney Australia

As a therapist myself my quest to find another therapist has taken me quite some time and then I found Danny and gosh I feel blessed that I have. Danny is one of the rare therapists that will listen to what you want and do it. He is respectful of you as a person and his attitude is that it all about making you feel good. So give him a call and enjoy the blissful state that he creates for you.

Chris - Sydney, Australia

I have had massages from Daniel regularly for over 2 years now & can highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about massage. Daniel provides a friendly, caring & totally professional experience. Book an appointment today, you won't be disappointed.

Adam - Sydney, Australia

Danny really knows how to blend technical ability with intuition and the end result - the best massage I have ever had! I have a chronic shoulder injury and Danny is able to release it better than therapists in the past while not skimping on making my experience truly relaxing. The fact he is such a nice guy is a bonus! Thanks Danny.

Phillip - Sydney, Australia

I first went for a massage just prior to a long-haul flight.  I didn't want a massage that left me in pain (for the flight) but I needed the tension sorted out.  Now I'm hooked!  Daniel gets the pressure right, checks if he's not sure - but it's rarely needed - he just seems to 'know.'   I get off the table feeling light and a bit out of it - but it's an amazing feeling.   He's a friendly, caring, yet professional guy - who knows his stuff  - and combines it all to make a great experience, and a massage just a little bit unlike anything I've had before.  I'd really recommend his massage services - well worth it!

David - Sydney, Australia

I have been getting massages from Daniel for about 12 months. The first massage was amazing, I had never experienced someone that could get to the part of the muscle that was tight and work magic to start to relieve some of the tension. My neck and shoulders were like concrete. My lower back and hip made walking sinful at times. Daniel has changed all that. I have found the best massage therapist and I will not go anywhere else from now on.

Emily - Sydney, Australia

This man has hands of gold! Thoroughly professional, thoughtful and capable....I'm now a regular - I urge you to try him! Heavenly

Damian - Christchurch, New Zealand

Excellent professional massage therapy and moreover a sincere and very friendly therapist.

Michelle - Christchurch, New Zealand

As a qualified massage therapist myself I have struggled to find a therapist who ticks all the boxes in terms of professionalism and capability. Daniel has excellent intuitive hands competent in providing treatment massage from muscular aches and pains to relaxation massage for tension and stress. Daniel's therapeutic massage style is unique, confident and personalised to your needs, a rarity to find in a therapist.


Massage - the way you want it...

This is YOUR treatment session.

There’s nothing worse that paying good money for a massage that doesn’t quite hit the spot, or even worse, leaves you in more pain than before the treatment!

I know various ways to fix your muscles.  I apply my skills within your constraints of time, energy, money.    For example: What is your pain threshold? How long do you have for the treatment? Are you the kind of person who will consistently stretch and self-treat? 

This is YOUR treatment session - it will be done the way you want it done.



At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll talk briefly about what has caused you to seek a treatment, along with your expectations, problem areas to work on, areas to avoid.  

We will also talk about existing or historical injuries or issues that may affect the treatment.   

During your Massage


I prefer to hear your feedback during the massage.  This helps me get the treatment right, addressing problems really effectively and helps you relax knowing you are welcome to give feedback during the treatment.

Too deep? Too soft?

For the depth, and pressure, I use a scale  1-through-10, where 10 is too hard, and 6 is a bit on the soft side.  7 means its perfect for you!  

Just saying a number, lets me know where I’m at and it's easier for you.  I can usually tell intuitively after 1 or 2 "check-ins" with you, about the pressure for the rest of the massage, so don’t think we will be talking throughout the treatment necessarily!

Really?  That long..??

You will be surprised how many clients don't realize how long has passed during a treatment.  For varied reasons,  clients prefer a longer duration massage.  Most of my regular clients take between 1.5 and 2.5 hour treatments.

After the treatment

After the massage, it's best to take some time to 'wake up.'  We can use that time to talk about what I found during the massage and perhaps some ideas of how to help prevent or self-treat  for the following days. 

Having worked as a qualified fitness instructor, I can help with your exercise regime, considering the specific things we found during your session.

Stretching is a greatly under-rated component of everyones health and fitness.  I'm a strong advocate of appropriate stretching, so will always offer ways to stretch that may work for you in your daily life.